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Key Features

You want your hotel to make a real impression. And you don’t want to spend years training and building your housekeeping department. TOSS makes it incredibly easy to have a reliable HK department with guaranteed results.

Easy to Get Going

TOSS will form an entire housekeeping department along with supervisor and housekeeping staff in your hotel. Just pick the date and start enjoying high cleanliness scores with zero effort. We will even hire and train your existing staff!

Award Winning Service

Platinum and Gold Awards by Choice Hotels in the row. Our customers are consistently in the Top 10 on TripAdvisor. TOSS Outsource Housekeeping Services exceed any franchise cleanliness standards. Your guests will love your hotel!

"Toss Outsource Housekeeping Services make managing your hotel manageable. All inclusive service will free you from dealing with housekeeping labor, inventory, laundry chemicals, and payroll. Our guest scores are way up. I recommend Toss Outsource Housekeeping Services for any hotel."

Peter Asrcot - GM Mayfair







Outsource Hotel Housekeeping Services

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