In this video you will learn why our customers are using our services. Most common reasons are: savings of your payroll dollars, confidence in cleanliness of the guest rooms, worry free housekeeping department, ease of budgeting, increased sales effort and more time to concentrate on customer service.

Housekeeping Benefits:

  • Have up to 40% on your housekeeping costs.
  • Your guests will always be welcomed to a clean room.
  • Your hotel will not have to concern itself with employees trying to exploit overtime.
  • Your hotel will not have to deal with housekeeping turnover.

Toss Packaged Services Include:

  • A Supervisor 7 days a week
  • A Highly Trained Housekeeping Staff
  • Hotel Laundry Services
  • Houseman/ Public Area Services
  • Deep Clean

Doesn’t it hurt when you spend so much effort to bring customers to your hotel and at the end have to refund that hard earned cash to the guest. Just because of one simple housekeeping mistake. Call us today @ 239-565-3281 to find out how we can help you save and keep your money.

How does it work?

– It’s all in one flat rate. TOSS provides housekeeping manager, housekeeping supervisors, laundry and housekeeping attendants. All bundled up in one flat rate. There is no worrying about overtime, there’s no worrying about vacation pay, sick days, all that is been taken care of in one flat rate.

How do I save money by partnering with Toss?

– There is also been savings and payroll dollars that dramatically since TOSS has been here because it’s all bundled in one. So I’m saving in payroll dollars, employee taxes, and they match that.

How about quality?

– Now that they’re here, also able to concentrate on sales. Housekeeping is done, now it’s out of my hair. I know it’s done. I know it’s clean. Guest complaints before they were here, the issues were the cleanliness of the rooms.

Check out what clients say!

"Hello my name is Lynn Simms, I’m the General Manager here at the Comfort Inn Conference Center In Tampa.

What I liked most about having TOSS Outsource Housekeeping coming to my property is that, for example, before they were here, on a sold out night we would not be done with the rooms until about 10- 11 o’clock and you know people are checking in until 11 o’clock due to the fact that the roomers won’t be clean.

With TOSS being here, regardless of the situation were sold out, no matter how many guest are coming in, the rooms are ready at 3 o’clock and they are clean, everything is inventoried, the laundry area, everything is neat. They’re very organized. They’re very helpful people to your business."

Lynn Simms

GM Comfort Inn

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