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Our mission is to help you guarantee your guests cleanliness, comfort, and satisfaction. Our commitment is to provide five-star service by continually researching and implementing the most efficient methods and technologies to benefit you and your customers. We recruit and train our staff at all levels to ensure not only excellent service to our customers but also to maintain a highly skilled and motivated team. We will provide each customer with service tailored to meet their needs in this constantly changing and challenging labor market. If your business chooses our services, you can be assured that you and your guests will be satisfied.

  • It’s a known fact that happy employees make the best team members. When hotel switches over to our services we give an employment opportunity to all housekeeping staff. After vigorous training and evaluation we determine the best candidates for our team.
  • We believe that everybody deserves a chance and we are not in business to put hard working people out in the street. As a hotel management you can be assured that your best employees will still be working in your hotel.

Check out what our employees say!

"Hi! My name is Carisma Jackson and I work here at the Clarion Hotel Shreveport, LA.

Now that we are in a new management, it’s very good. We have clean rooms now, we’re always organized. I love it very much. It is way better than it was before I was the part of the management, I can tell you that. So, I really appreciate this job. Anyone who wants to join us can come on down and we’ll gladly show you all how it is now. The new Clarion Hotel. "


-What is the difference?

-"The difference is before we’ve come upon the new management, it was a lot of stress, a lot of rooms not being cleaned, but now, the supervisors walk us to all of our rooms and shows us what we missed, go back and do it again instead of hearing the big fuzz about it. So it’s very convenient. I like it the way it is now and I will never change."

Carisma Jackson

Housekeeping Department

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